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We've been busy.  Over the years, Lydia has written a lineup of truly extraordinary original plays beginning with her first "Coming Home" to her most recent dinner theater called "Mystery at Moss Street Mansion".  Below is the complete listing of stage plays and dinner theaters Southern Broadway has brought to the stages of Enterprise. 

Chestnut Grove (Winter of 2019)

Come watch the silly antics of Aunt Tuts as she re-visits her run down log cabin in the mountains of Montana. Our play centers around a sorority reunion that was supposed to take place in a beautiful resort, but due to unforeseen circumstances the women in up staying in Aunt Tut's cabin. Our play is set in the 1980's. 



Mystery at Moss Street Mansion (Fall of 2019)

Come watch the mystery unfold inside the grand old Moss Street Mansion, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  You never know what secrets might be discovered as you become immersed in the oddities and eccentricities of the owners and their family and guests.  Will you be able to unravel the mystery before it’s revealed?



The Depot (Summer of 2019)

In 2019, the City of Enterprise will celebrate the centennial of the Boll Weevil Monument.  Come witness the story that started it all and find yourself spellbound as history jumps off the page.  Watch and feel the interpersonal and real life struggles of the people of Coffee County as they faced adversity and made life-altering decisions in the year 1919.  The lives of those involved understood that change is never easy and rising to the challenge sometimes comes with a cost. 
(Artistic license used by permission to include fictitious characters as well as historic facts and representation of individuals who were actual citizens during the early years of Enterprise)   



Harbor Lights (Spring of 2019)

The extraordinary story of a lighthouse keeper who operated a lighthouse in an era in which lighthouses were still used to mark dangerous coastline, hazardous shoals and reefs, and navigate mariners to safe entries into harbors.  This drama will draw you in to their hardships, courage, stamina, and life changes. 



Granny's Christmas Vacation (Winter of 2018)

Granny Goodson returns to the stage with her son and some of her favorite servants as she decides to travel to Europe for Christmas.  Hilarity ensues as she makes her way through some of London’s famous landmarks with her entourage in tow.  Come watch this comedy and laugh your way through Europe as you visit the sights and see things through Granny’s eyes during her Christmas holiday.



Merchants of London (Fall of 2018)

The 19th century was a time when London was transformed into the world’s largest trade city.  Come see the quirky merchants that helped London grow into a political, financial, and business powerhouse.   You never know what mysteries and surprises are in store when these merchants lives become intertwined with each other and their customers.



Soda Shop Hop (Summer of 2018)

Soda Shop Hop is a musical in the style of Grease meets Glee set in Joe’s Diner on Route 66 in Ludlow, California. Thanks for joining us for this rollicking, fast-paced, fun-filled show featuring the classic recognizable tunes of the 1950s. Sit back and relax while we bring you this upbeat performance



Mississippi Slim and the Deadwood Saloon (Spring of 2018)

Once a doctor of chemistry, Mississippi Slim fell on hard times that included an unfortunate misunderstanding with the law that forced him from his east coast home to head out west where he began to tout magical elixirs and potions for a living.   Always looking for an opportunity, Slim comes upon the Deadwood Saloon which has fallen into a slump.  Convincing the owner and bartender to give him an opportunity to put on a show and sell his wares, Slim attempts to draw crowds by entertaining with singing, dancing, and stories to demonstrate his cure-alls. You never know what might ensue when you mix gold-miners, the law, cowboys, outlaws, and a bounty hunter in the Deadwood Saloon. 



The Christmas Gift (Winter of 2017)

"The Christmas Gift" is a tale of an old fashioned Christmas - of days gone by when things were simpler and times were harder.  Samuel Hart's greatest wish is that his children have a Christmas filled with joy in a time when he has nothing material to offer them. In his search to give them something meaningful he finds a little Christmas magic, and finally understands just how rich he truly is. 



Juror Number 7 (Fall of 2017)

"Juror Number 7" is a riveting trial that erupts in suspenseful mystery when a civil case turns into something far different than anyone imagined. Come watch Judge Roy Brantley preside over a case in the mid 1990's in a small southern town as witnesses are questioned and reputations are tarnished.



Hawkins Pass 2 - The Bunkhouse Blues (Summer of 2017)

Summer Blockbuster! Hawkins Pass "The Bunkhouse Blues"! Mayhem, moonshine, and music fill the air in the Kentucky Mountains during the prohibition era as the townfolk take on a U.S. Marshall and the mob! This is one you don't want to miss. Hilarious antics, great singing, finger lickin' vittles.



Cabin at Yellow Wood (Spring of 2017)

"Cabin at Yellow Wood" is set in North Country where fly-fishing, porch-sitting, and nature-watching are part of everyday life. Returning to his family's cabin located deep in the beautiful birch woods on Bear Creek River, Morgan Haynes tries to find solace after a terrible and untimely accident leaves him blind during the prime of his life and career.   After meeting the lively and precocious daughter of the cabin's caretaker, Morgan is able to open the eyes of his heart and see beyond his physical limitations. Come witness this beautiful story of hope and the human heart's ability for renewal.



Coming Home (Winter of 2016)

“Coming Home” is a play that was written after reflecting on the story of the prodigal son.  While it is not intended to be a paraphrase of the actual biblical parable, it is a work of fiction that was written with the lessons of this parable in mind.



Song of my Heart (Fall of 2016)

Song of My Heart” is a tale of three southern women who come from very different walks of life, but who hold something in common that crosses all boundaries and allows them to instantly identify with each other. Each of them has a husband fighting on foreign soil in WWII - and as they wait out the war they must lean on each other as they struggle to cope and learn to face their fears with courage and dignity.Deciding to plant a “Victory Garden,” the women draw even closer as they unite in their determination to do what they can for the war effort. Interwoven with classic songs such as “Summertime,” “Blues in the Night”, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and more, “Song of My Heart” spans seven months in the early 1940s.



Marooned on Madagascar (Summer of 2016)

“Marooned on Madagascar” begins where our original production of “Pirates Catch” left off!  Don’t fret mate, if you didn’t see the first production, for this sequel’s plot is “stand-alone”! In the year 1712 Captain William Smythe, a British Naval Officer, teams up with three pirates to go treasure hunting after they discover a map which was sown into the sails of a legendary sea vessel. The rough and sea worn Vargus Winters, the exotic Caribbean Sully Grogmaster, and the “book-smart” pirate Booker McCreel, convince the polished William Smythe to set sail for Madagascar, where X marks the spot! Ye never know what lurks in wait for treasure hunters such as these! As their plans take a sudden and drastic turn they find themselves marooned on a strange island full of eccentric and extraordinary castaways, who over the years have learned to adapt to its native inhabitants and their ruling Queen Amani Katura. 





An Evening at the CopaCabana (Spring of 2016)

Set in the famous New York City Copacabana nightclub (often referred to as The Copa), “An Evening at the Copacabana” provides a window to a glamorous, bygone era in American history, when supper clubs, as the primary source of nightlife, provided top-notch entertainment, excellent food, and spontaneous thrills. The “Copa” epitomized the madcap fun, glamour, and sophistication of those high-living days. The club developed a reputation as the pinnacle of show business success. Come join us as we enter into this unique era for a fabulous, unforgettable night.





Somewhere in Italy (Spring of 2016)

“Somewhere in Italy” takes place in a small quaint harbor town on the coast of Italy. The setting is an Italian street named Via Bacio (pronounced bacho) that dead-ends where the Valentino Ristorante and the Hotel Italia sit across from each other with an apartment building in between. Lucci Valentino, his wife Rosa, their son Pauli, and Rosa’s sister Annah live in the second story just above the ristorante. Several blocks away, Vito Valentino lives on one of the canals with his son Tony. Our story takes place in the late 1950s and is a musical drama set in the style of “Westside Story”. Come join us for an evening of great food, and great entertainment filled with songs and drama as Southern Broadway proudly presents “Somewhere in Italy”.





Hawkins Pass (Winter of 2015)


“Hawkins Pass” takes place in the early 1930s depression era.  The story is narrated by Jude Thomas, a 47 year old writer who resides with his wife and children in New York City.   As a successful novelist, Jude has had a long-time goal of penning the memoirs of his early years.  It is the year 1957 when he finally sits at the typewriter to look back in remembrance and record the days that forever molded his life.

The bulk of the action takes place in the setting of Hawkins General Store which is located near the peak of one of the only easily traversable passes on Black Mountain in the 1930s.  Black Mountain received its name due to the iron-rich dark rock formations on its ridges.  It is part of a range of mountains that make up the westernmost edge of the Appalachians of east Kentucky.    
Through the years, a community has built up around Hawkins Pass, and like all other areas of the country during the depression, they are struggling to make ends meet.




The Depot

This is a story of the early years of Coffee County and Enterprise, AL.  The bulk of the story takes place in the early 1900s, but is told in flashback with the first scene initiating in the year 1964.  From there the story flashes back to 1906 and unfolds chronologically, using the “gapping” method, culminating in the year 1919. 


It is a story of the interpersonal and real life struggles that were faced as this region of the south experienced an agricultural shift from the primary crop of cotton to more diverse crops, and specifically to the peanut crop in the Wiregrass region. 


A Nite at the Cotton Club

Historically, the Cotton Club was a New York City nightclub located in Harlem operating from 1923 to 1940, most notably during America’s Prohibition Era and was owned by two notorious mobsters, Owney “the killer” Madden and Big Frenchy Demange. The Club featured many of the best black entertainers and jazz musicians of the era including Lena Horne, Duke Ellington, Adelaide Hall, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Nat King Cole. During its heyday, the Cotton Club served as a hip meeting spot frequenting guests such as Jimmy Durante, George Gershwin, Judy Garland, and more. “A Nite at the Cotton Club” is a variety show review that is actually a collage of some of the best remembered songs and performers that existed during the era of the Cotton Club. You will become a part of the show as a patron of the Cotton Club, but you will also experience “behind the scenes” moments when the “house” is closed.



Professor Ballyhoo's Traveling Miracle Medicine Show

Professor Cornelius Ballyhoo, Mississippi Slim, and Ada Belle travel the west touting their magical elixirs and potions. Times are hard and physicians are scarce which makes it easier to place one’s faith in the concoctions these three pitch while never failing to entertain. The “Professor” and his cohorts put on a show to draw in crowds that feature music, comedy, magic acts, juggling, singing, dancing, and overblown rhetoric mixed with testimonials, stories, and stunts to demonstrate cures. Mississippi Slim, once a doctor of chemistry, fell on hard times that included an unfortunate misunderstanding with the law that forced him from his east coast home to head out west.  Ada Belle, an independent and savvy businesswoman who has had a hard knock life met up with Slim and together they convinced the Professor to partner with them.  You’ll get a peek into what happens behind the scenes of the rollicking medicine show as you witness the devious but talented ways of these colorful characters. 



Photo by Jessica Weaver

A Pirate's Catch

In the year 1712 Queen Ann decided to take the Golden Hind ship out of  "dry dock" retirement and commission it to be chartered as a touring vessel for the wealthy folk of England. William Smythe was selected as captain and tour guide of the legendary vessel. After the passengers enjoy a fanciful feast on the deck of the docked ship, Smythe’s job is to take the upper crust of London for a landlubbers cruise to the mouth of the Thames and back, and although he thinks it a pantywaist tour, he is happy to accept the coveted task of manning the helm of the famous Hind. After hand- selecting a small crew, he begins the river jaunts that are to entertain those willing to pay the hefty prices for a half day cruise on the historical Golden Hind.Get ready to board for the adventure of a lifetime! Ahoy Matey! Ye never know what lurks in wait on the River Thames for the Golden Hind!



Photo by Tim Skipper Photography

Granny and the French Maid

Granny and the French Maid is a murder mystery set in the mansion of Nina (Granny) Dubois in the French Quarter of New Orleans in the year 1969. As widow of the prominant shipping tycoon Charles Dubois, who worked during a time when New Orleans was one of the busiest ports in the world, Granny is sole successor to the Dubois fortune. Steeped in the social rituals of New Orleans, Granny’s family has long participated in the planning of the parades and balls that define Mardi Gras traditions. As the Mystic Krewe of the Marquis de Lafayette begin their planning season for Mardi Gras festivities, Granny must keep a watchful eye as those around her may just be willing to kill her if they think they might obtain even some of her massive fortune. You best stay on your toes because you never know what kind of mayhem might ensue in the Quarter tonight.



The Confederate Letters

Jackson Chandler and Luke Boyett, two soldiers in the Confederate Army, have been ordered by their commanding officer to retrieve a mail bag that was originally intended for their regiment. The mail bag was stolen by a Union soldier acting on orders in an effort to gain enemy secrets. With Luke desperately wanting to open the letters, Jackson must decide between upholding his convictions and following Luke’s desire to hear any word of home.
Prologue: For soldiers during the Civil War, the letters written and received were a lifeline to loved ones at home and were very highly treasured. Wartime created difficulties for postal delivery as Confederate letters and stamps were considered rebel insurgency by the Union.  Flowery verbiage was typical for the day as senders knew their letters would be poured over many times – read and re-read lovingly. Of the three letters discussed in our stage play, the final letter is completely authentic and is read in its original form with the exception of a few altered words. It is said to be from Joshua Dawkins in our production, however the original letter was written by John Lucas Beauchamp III on November 25th, 1862. 



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