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In the year 1712 Queen Ann decided to take the Golden Hind ship out of  "dry dock" retirement and commission it to be chartered as a touring vessel for the wealthy folk of England. William Smythe was selected as captain and tour guide of the legendary vessel. After the passengers enjoy a fanciful feast on the deck of the docked ship, Smythe’s job is to take the upper crust of London for a landlubbers cruise to the mouth of the Thames and back, and although he thinks it a pantywaist tour, he is happy to accept the coveted task of manning the helm of the famous Hind. After hand- selecting a small crew, he begins the river jaunts that are to entertain those willing to pay the hefty prices for a half day cruise on the historical Golden Hind.Get ready to board for the adventure of a lifetime! Ahoy Matey! Ye never know what lurks in wait on the River Thames for the Golden Hind!

WRITTEN BY      Lydia Dillingham

A Pirate's Catch

This is a short clip of a video taken during rehearsal the night before opening.

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