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Professor Ballyhoo (Spring 2022)

WRITTEN BY      Lydia Dillingham

Play Synopsis:

In “Professor Ballyhoo’s Traveling Miracle Medicine Show,” Professor Cornelius Ballyhoo, Mississippi Slim, and Ada Belle travel the West touting their magical elixirs and potions. You’ll find yourself stepping back in time as you get a taste of what a real-life Wild West medicine show was all about. Times are hard and physicians are scarce which makes it easier to place one’s faith in the concoctions these three pitch while never failing to entertain. The “Professor” and his cohorts put on a show to draw in crowds that feature music, comedy, magic acts, singing, and overblown rhetoric mixed with testimonials, stories, and stunts to demonstrate cures. Mississippi Slim, once a doctor of chemistry, fell on hard times that included an unfortunate misunderstanding with the law that forced him from his east coast home to head out west.  Ada Belle, an independent and savvy businesswoman who has had a hard knock life met up with Slim and together they convinced the Professor to partner with them.  You’ll get a peek into what happens behind the scenes of the rollicking medicine show as you witness the devious but talented ways of these colorful characters.

Call the box office at 334-470-6568.


Our Cast:

Our Cast 


Trey Clark
Professor Ballyhoo


Scotty Johnson


Mississippi Slim


Lydia Dillingham


Ada Belle

Our Menu:

Entree Course:
Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, & Southwest Corn

Garlic Mashed Potatoes.jpg

Dessert Course:
Mississippi Mud Pie

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