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Policies for Dinner Theater

1.  Can I receive a refund for a TICKET purchased? 

  • All Sales are Final.   

  • Tickets may be exchanged for another performance date provided seats are available.

  • If patrons fail to attend the performance to which they have purchased tickets, the ticket is forfeited. NO exceptions.

  • No tickets are mailed.  An email will be delivered to your inbox which should be printed and brought to the show.


2.  What if I need to CANCEL my purchase?  

  • There is a no refund policy. Here are the available options:
    1. Under extenuating circumstances and provided the patron gives a 72 hour notice, a gift certificate equal to the amount of the original purchase minus a $6.00 processing fee per ticket may be issued.
    2. The patron may transfer their tickets to a friend or family member. Just have them give your name at the door for seating.
    3. The patron may relinquish the ticket to the theater as a donation.

3.  Is my seating assignment guaranteed? 

  • Seat assignment is NOT guaranteed.  Occasionally, we will need to rearrange the seating of patrons in order to sell out a show.  In the event that this happens we will not split up your party. 

  • Seating at each table is limited to 8 patrons ONLY and are assigned seats.

  • If a patron has purchased the entire table and all party members agree, we can add a 9th seat to the table.


4.  What happens if I am LATE?

  • Dinner begins promptly at 6:30 PM. 

  • Late arrivals will not be served dinner courses that have already been served (salad, soup, etc.).  

  • Patrons will simply start their meal with the course currently being served.


5.  Do you offer GROUP DISCOUNTS?

  • A group that purchases 24 or more seats will be offered a complimentary seat for the group leader or bus driver.

  • No monetary or percentage discounts are given. 

  • The company can hold a block of seats with a down payment of $500.00 for a length of time.

  • Without a down payment, groups can hold a block of seats and a drop date of two week from date of reservation (a date when all blocked seats will be released into inventory) will be affixed to the reservation. If the drop date is reached before payment is made the group will lose their reservation. 


6.  Do you offer HANDICAP Accessible seating? 

  • Special accommodations can be made if needed. 

  • Occasionally, the city of Enterprise will host downtown events that might conflict with a scheduled performance night. On those occasions, parking in the downtown area might become prohibitive for guests needing assistance. The company has wheelchairs available to assist bringing patrons to the establishment from distance parking.

  • Please call in advance so arrangements can be made.


7.  Is SMOKING allowed?

  • Smoking is not permitted in the building or within 25 feet of the entrance doorway. 

  • Smokers, please move away from the entrance of the building.


8.  Can I purchase just the SHOW and not the DINNER? 

  • The dinner and show are presented for public consumption as a package and cannot be sold separately.


9.  What is the DRESS CODE?

  • The dress code is business casual.  


10.  Can I bring an INFANT?

  • Recommended age limit is 8 years or older. 

  • No discounts for children are offered. 

  • "Baby in arms" not permitted.


11.  Can I take pictures and videos using my CELL PHONE?

  • Cell phones should be silenced prior to the performance. 

  • Our shows are proprietary (owned by Southern Broadway Theater Company). 

  • No flash photography allowed.  No video taping of the performance is allowed.

  • Pictures are permitted following the performance.


13.  Can I request to HOLD a block of seats?

  • Seats can be held but you MUST make these arrangements over the phone.

14.  I have food allergies. Can I bring my own food or have your staff prepare an alternative?

  • The meal for each performance coincides with the theme of the show. 

  • Substitutions or alternative menu items will not be offered. 

  • No food is allowed to be brought into the building for consumption. It is a violation of the Health Department.

  • We do not honor take out requests. Patrons are not permitted to take food home in any form or fashion. Please respect this request.

  • Left-over food is offered to our cast and staff at the end of each evening.


15.  Can I bring my own ALCOHOLIC to the show?

  • We do not hold a liquor license with the state of Alabama.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not offered for public consumption and are not permitted on the premises during our dinner theater performances.

  • Patrons cannot bring their own alcohol on the premises.


16.  What happens if I get a little rowdy?

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is considered a nuisance.

  • We reserve the right to ask someone to leave the premises if they are acting in an inappropriate and disruptive manner.


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