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A Pirate's Catch (Spring of 2020)

Play Synopsis:

In the year 1712 Queen Ann decided to take the Golden Hind ship out of ”dry dock" retirement and commission it to be chartered as a touring vessel for the wealthy folk of England. William Smythe was selected as captain and tour guide of the legendary vessel. After the passengers enjoy a fanciful feast on the deck of the docked ship, Smythe’s job is to take the upper crust of London for a landlubbers cruise to the mouth of the Thames and back, and although he thinks it a pantywaist tour, he is happy to accept the coveted task of manning the helm of the famous Hind. After hand- selecting a small crew, he begins the river jaunts that are to entertain those willing to pay for a dinner cruise on the historical Golden Hind.  Get ready to board for the adventure of a lifetime! Ahoy Matey! Ye never know what lurks in wait on the River Thames for the Golden Hind!

Call the box office at 334-470-6568.


WRITTEN BY      Lydia Dillingham

SHOW TITLE: "A Pirate's Catch" written by Lydia Dillingham

SET DESIGN: Set designer Susan Gilmore; constructed by Susan Gilmore with help from John Williams, Jan Parker, Mike Storm

COSTUME DESIGN: Costumes designed by Jan Parker

Feb 13,14,15,20,21,22,27,28,29 &
Mar 12,13,14,19,20,21,26,27,28 Dates Cancelled for Covid-19


Our Cast:

Our Cast 

Jeremy Thomas
as Captain William Smythe
Madeleine Burnett
as Booker McCreel
Alan Moore as Vargas Winters
Patrick Pezelj as Sully Grogmaster
Wayne White as Thomas Doughty
Mimosa Whiting
as Booker McCreel
Scotty Johnson as
Jack Shivers
Brice Thomas
as Davey Willums
Cian Thomas as
Red Crow

Our Menu:

1st Course:

Fresh Wedge Salad with our signature Blue Cheese Dressing served with Crusty French Baguette Garlic Bread 


2nd Course:

Low Country Boil with Shrimp, Sausage, Corn, and New Potatoes


3rd Course:

Deconstructed Key Lime Pie topped with Cool Whip and Lime Zest

Key Lime Pie.jpg
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