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The Curse of the Golden Monkey




The Curse of the Golden Monkey is a noir type mystery in the vein of a Humphrey Bogart detective film.  Set in the late 1940s and filled with interesting and complex characters, this show will keep you guessing as to what will come next.   A literal statue of a golden monkey, reputed to be worth a fortune, seems to be the object of their desire.  Is the golden monkey itself cursed? Or is it the greed that they allow to grow in their heart which curses those who chase the statue's siren song?  

Show Dates Feb 14 - Mar 18
Ticket Prices $54.50-$59.95 plus tax and fees

WRITTEN BY      Lydia Dillingham

Our Cast: TBA

Our Cast 

Our Menu:

1st Course:
Fresh Garden Salad with House-made Ranch and Warm Bavarian Bread


2nd Course:
Grilled London Broil, Chimichurri sauce, Green Beans, and Rosemary Roasted Potatoes


3rd Course:
Flaming Cherries Jubilee

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