Somewhere in Italy





“Somewhere in Italy” takes place in a small quaint harbor town on the coast of Italy. The setting is an Italian street named Via Bacio (pronounced bacho) that dead-ends where the Valentino Ristorante and the Hotel Italia sit across from each other with an apartment building in between. Lucci Valentino, his wife Rosa, their son Pauli, and Rosa’s sister Annah live in the second story just above the ristorante. Several blocks away, Vito Valentino lives on one of the canals with his son Tony. Our story takes place in the late 1950s and is a musical drama set in the style of “Westside Story”. Come join us for an evening of great food, and great entertainment filled with songs and drama as Southern Broadway proudly presents “Somewhere in Italy”.

WRITTEN BY      Lydia Dillingham

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