“Hawkins Pass 2 - The Bunkhouse Blues” takes place in the early 1930s depression era.  The story is narrated by Jude Thomas, a 48 year old writer who resides with his wife and children in New York City.   As a successful novelist, Jude has had a long-time goal of penning the memoirs of his early years and is now working on his second volume. 

The bulk of the action takes place in the setting of Black Mountain Apple Orchard Warehouse and Bunkhouse which is located near the peak of one of the only easily traversable passes on Black Mountain in the 1930s.  Black Mountain received its name due to the iron-rich dark rock formations on its ridges.  It is part of a range of mountains that make up the westernmost edge of the Appalachians of east Kentucky.    
Through the years, a community has built up around Hawkins Pass, and like all other areas of the country during the depression, they are struggling to make ends meet.
Mayhem, moonshine, and music fill the air in the Kentucky Mountains during the prohibition era as the townsfolk take on a U.S. Marshall and the mob! This is one you don't want to miss. Hilarious antics, great singing, finger lickin' vittles.

WRITTEN BY      Lydia Dillingham

Hawkins Pass 2 - The Bunkhouse Blues

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