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Policies for rental of Event Center


  • To reserve the facility for a particular date a deposit in the amount of half down is due at booking.

  • If Southern Broadway does not receive the deposit on or before the deposit deadline, the agreement shall be null and void and the reservation released.



  • 50% of the deposit is nonrefundable if the event is cancelled 60 days prior to the event. 

  • 75% of the deposit is nonrefundable if the event is cancelled 30 days prior to the event.

  • 100% of the deposit is nonrefundable if the event is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event.

  • If the event is cancelled 1 week prior to the event, 100% of the deposit plus 50% of the remaining bill will be due.

  • Southern Broadway retains the right to cancel your event for any of the following reasons: misrepresentation of the event, lack of required insurance, deposit check returned by bank, threats of violence or actual violence, threat of damage or actual damage to the facility, or any failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the rental contract. Cancellation by Southern Broadway for any of the above reasons may result in the loss of the entire rental amount.


3.  RENTAL AGREEMENT POLICY:  A rental agreement MUST be signed and on file in order to rent the facility. Renter must first fill out the online form. The event coordinator will create the rental agreement and send to responsible party once all negotiations have been finalized.


4.  INSURANCE POLICY:  If alcohol is expected to be offered at your event, an insurance rider must be purchased and on file. An easy and convenient method for obtaining this type of insurance is provided here. Get Event Insurance in just minutes that is reasonably priced by answering just a few simple questions and following the on-screen prompts. Southern Broadway must be named as additionally insured on this policy which is one of the questions asked while filling out the online form. Name of Certificate Holder is Southern Broadway, 104 North Main Street, Enterprise, AL,



  • No smoking of any kind permitted within the facility or 20 feet from the front or rear entrances. (This includes e-cigarettes and vapor devices.)

  • All forms of tobacco products are prohibited.

  • No rice, seeds, glitter, or confetti shall be used in or immediate outside of the building.

  • No attachments to the structure of shall be permitted. (This includes the walls, the stage, the ceiling, etc.)

  • No use of the kitchen allowed unless payment for this service is received.

  • No use of the upstairs greenroom allowed unless payment is received as per the rental agreement.

  • Reservation dates are bound by first deposit and contract received on a "first come, first served" basis.

  • All listed prices are subject to change.



The following decorations are specifically prohibited at Southern Broadway—confetti (static and cannons), glitter, stickers, spray paint, liquid paint, burning objects, helium balloons, rice, streamers or poppers. Bubbles and flower petals may be used outside of buildings only.

  • All decorations and equipment must be delivered and set up on the same day as the event, and removed at the conclusion of the event unless other arrangements are pre-made. Southern Broadway reserves the right to bill the sponsoring party for removal of any left items. Please inform your vendors that all pick-ups and deliveries of goods must be coordinated through the Southern Broadway Box Office to ensure vendor access to building and/or rental space.

  • No furniture or decorative objects belonging to Southern Broadway may be moved from their respective positions.

  • Renter is responsible for making arrangements for renting equipment needed for event. Southern Broadway has a limited amount of additional tables and chairs for use.

  • Nothing may be nailed, tacked, taped, hung, stapled or affixed in any way to the facility, inside or out. All decorations, other than free standing, must be approved by the Southern Broadway. In no manner will renter permit any employee, guest or contracted party to deface, damage or otherwise injure Southern Broadway property or its facility.

  • Candles must be dripless and enclosed in a glass container of sufficient height to cover potential flame.

  • Southern Broadway staff does not set up or break down equipment or furniture for the event with the exception of Southern Broadway owned tables and chairs. Due to liability, renter and/or caterer must provide adequate staff for set up, event and breakdown.

  • Renter is responsible for picking up all decorations at completion of event.

  • Please contact Southern Broadway a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event to determine set up arrangements.

  • Only Audio/Lighting engineers supplied by Southern Broadway are authorized to operate the sound/lighting systems equipment.



  • If the Renter or Renter's staff, volunteers, participants, invitees, licensees, or any individual(s) on or near the facilities and equipment as a result of Renter's use of the facilities and equipment under the rental agreement, causes damage to Southern Broadway facilities and equipment, other than ordinary wear and tear, Renter shall pay any costs associated with repairing the damage and restoring the facilities and equipment to their condition prior to Renter's use thereof.


8.  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES POLICY:  We do not hold a liquor license with the state of Alabama. If alcohol will be served at your event, an off-duty police officer must be provided to cover the event. Contact the Enterprise Police Department dispatch who will arrange for an officer to be assigned for your event. The cost is minimal.

Option 1: BYO (Bring Your Own) Alcohol. Under this option there may be no event admission charges and no charge for the alcohol can be imposed upon the guests. Rental party is solely responsible for all alcohol distribution and consumption and takes full liability to ensure guests comply with all applicable state and local laws governing alcohol consumption. (An insruance rider must be purchased to cover this type event.)

Option 2: Special Event License. Under this option responsible party makes application to the state 30 days prior to event for the issuance of a special event license. If granted, the license would cover the retail sale of alcohol on the day of the event. An event bar would allow your guests to purchase beer, wine, and liquor on the day of the event. This license would also allow the purchase of alcohol from the ABC store. (An insurance rider must be purchased and held on file to cover this type of event.)


9.  NUISANCE POLICY:  We reserve the right to refuse service or ask someone to leave the premises if they are acting in an inappropriate and disruptive manner.


No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the facility other than by the contracted caterer. The Renter is fully responsible for all arrangements and any contract entered into with any caterer of the event. Our catering policy allows food service from any caterer licensed by the State of Alabama. No homemade items may be sold or served at this facility. Your catering contract must include all table linens for meals and serving stations as well as adequate clean up immediately following the event. Caterers must collect all trash generated from the event on the night of the event and dispose of properly.



  • No controlled substances allowed on the premises.

  • Renter agrees to abide by and comply with directions and instructions issued by any uniformed police or security officer



  • Renter agrees to remove all items belonging to the renter at the conclusion of the event (including outside decorations). Southern Broadway is not responsible for any items remaining after the event that belong to the renter or the renter’s guests.

  • Renter and/or caterer agree to leave facility and grounds “Broom Clean” or in the condition in which they were found when the doors were opened for set-up.

  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned and returned to their original position.

  • All decorations, food and drink container products and all trash must be collected in plastic bags. For all events, Renter and/or Caterer shall collect all trash generated from the event on the night of the event and properly dispose of by placing in outdoor trash receptacle or removing from the premises.

  • Caterers must leave all food preparation and serving areas neat and clean. This includes, but is not limited to the kitchen and all other surfaces used which have food or spillages, including all floors.

  • Renter will reimburse Southern Broadway at cost for the labor, supplies, and/or equipment needed or expended should Southern Broadway find it necessary, in their sole opinion, to do further cleaning, removals or repairs to return the area to its original condition.


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