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"Soda Shop Hop"

Mike Kozlowski will portray Joe Mitchell

Mike has a singular passion for the performing arts, as evidenced by his roles in theatre productions spanning 20+ years.  His on-stage credits include SEACT’s “Oliver!” (2009), ESCC’s “South Pacific” (2015) and several original Southern Broadway dinner theatre productions. His on-screen credits include 2 feature-length films, “Writing Christmas Cool” (2010), and “Worth Fighting For” (2017), several independent short film productions and two television commercials.  Mike’s favorite role to date is that of a World War II infantryman in “A Tribute to Soldiers”, honoring our past and present military service members. He and his bride of 33+ years, Kay, reside in Enterprise, Alabama. They have two grown sons – Mark and Nathan – and two daughters in-love – Marissa and Ally. They all live in Birmingham, AL…along with their newest member of the family – a grandson born to Nathan and Ally…Jack Michael Kozlowski!

Character Backstory - JOE MITCHELL: Sole proprietor and soda jerk of Joe’s Diner.  Age: early 40s.   Joe is an amicable, good hearted fellow who loves life and enjoys his patrons.  He works hard and makes an honest living.  Having spent most of his time building up his business, he is still single but would like to settle down.

Teresa Young will portray Ms. Blanche Lindell

Teresa Young was last seen on the Southern Broadway stage in SONG OF MY HEART.  She is so excited to be bringing a new SODA SHOP HOP back to our patrons.  She has performed in numerous productions in California and Alabama, to include local performances of THE MUSIC MAN, and NUNSENSE with Enterprise State Community College. When not on a stage, she keeps busy by teaching piano and voice lessons and is a worship leader/musician at Enterprise Church.

Character Backstory - BLANCHE LINDELL:  Spinster teacher and cheerleading sponsor at Ludlow High.  Age: mid to late 30s.  Ms. Lindell is upbeat and lively.  She loves teaching and her life revolves around Ludlow High.

Ryan Griffin will portray Johnny Rider

Ryan is a 2018 graduate of New Brockton High School where he graduated as Valedictorian and was deeply involved in extra-curricular activities. Although this is Ryan’s Southern Broadway debut, he is no stranger to the stage. He has performed in several ESCC theatrical productions, such as “The Sound of Music”, “Oklahoma!”, and “South Pacific”. Ryan will be attending Auburn University in the fall to study Biomedical Sciences.

Character Backstory - JOHNNY RIDER:  Johnny is a cool guy who loves cars, guitars, cheeseburgers and chicks.  Having recently moved to Ludlow from somewhere in Texas, Johnny has an air of mystery and an accent that the girls find captivating.  He likes to portray a bit of a “bad boy” reputation (he has an image to uphold after all) but he’s a good kid.   

Allison Moore will portray Rita Walker

Allison Moore is excited to make her Southern Broadway debut. She was last seen in Enterprise High School’s production of The Addams Family Musical as Alice Beinke. She has also appeared in productions with ESCC. She is a senior and fourth year theatre student at Enterprise High School, where she is the former Co-President of their Drama Club and president of theThespian Society. She enjoys doing theatre with her sister, who plays Roxi Russo, and would like to thank her for her encouragement and guidance.

Character Backstory - RITA WALKER:  As head cheerleader, Rita is the most popular girl at Ludlow High.  Although everyone seems to be a “Rita fan” and wants to be Rita’s friend, she manages to remain unpretentious, kind, and level-headed.   Having grown up with Betty since elementary school, Rita considers Betty one of her few trusted and genuine friends. ever since.

Micaiah Davidson will portray Eugene Epstein

Micaiah Davidson was born in Knoxville, TN.  He has spent most of his life as an Army brat.  He lived in numerous states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, and North Dakota.  He has three siblings and enjoys spending time with his family.  His hobbies include basketball, gaming, soccer, and tennis.  He just graduated high school and is currently praying about the Lord’s direction for his life.

Character Backstory - EUGENE EPSTEIN:  Eugene isn’t as naïve as he appears and even if he is a bit socially awkward, he’s dependable and honest. As Johnny’s loyal sidekick, Eugene gets the social status he desires, but he’s smart enough to know that Johnny likes having a friend who keeps him in position as top dog.  Eugene is a native of Ludlow and his folks own the local “mom and pop” grocery store in town.

Mattie Hines will portray Betty Finch

Mattie Hines is a sophomore at ESCC as a Music Education major. Soda Shop Hop is Mattie’s sixth musical production. Others include Oklahoma, The Wizard of Oz,  Godspell, Beauty and the Beast, and most recently, Annie where she portrayed Grace Farrell. Mattie is so grateful for this opportunity and hopes to work with Southern Broadway again in the near future! She plans  to continue her education and transfer to a four year institution.

Character Backstory - BETTY FINCH: Quiet but complex, there’s more to Betty than meets the eye.  Living in Rita’s shadow, Betty is a smart, studious girl who has never quite been able to come out of her shell, but she knows that Rita is a true friend and she’s grateful to still be included in Rita’s inner circle.  Shy and quiet on the surface, she feels things deeply.  She has a strong mind and longs to blossom into her own person. 

Carmen Hernandex will portray Cha-Cha Santiago

Carmen Hernandez was last seen at Enterprise High school in the production of The Adams family. She has also appeared in several other productions at Enterprise High School, Trumbauer in Opelika, AL, and Coppinville Jr. High School in Enterprise, AL. Historian of Astra’s Girls Club and EHS FCCLA club, Carmen is a former member of Enterprise High School drama club. Previously she has served as a guest entertainer at the 2018-2019 Miss Enterprise Health and Rehabilitation Center pageant.

Character Backstory - CHA-CHA SANTIAGO: Cha-Cha is the head of the girls’ gang known as the “Barrio Queens”.  Full of swagger and bravado, she has the reputation for being somewhat of a ‘bad girl’ and tries hard to come across as hardened and aloof.  However, behind all of the bluster Cha-Cha has a big heart and wants more than anything to be accepted and well-liked.  Like her brother Tony (Antonio), who is the leader of the toughest boys’ gang in town called the “C-Notes”, Cha-Cha is a natural leader who is very protective of her “gang”.  She is very taken with Johnny Rider, the new guy in town. 

Storm Young will portray Gigi Mack

Storm Young is making her Southern Broadway Theater debut. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and hangout with friends. Finishing up her sophomore year college at ESCC, she hopes to continue her dreams of getting her bachelors in Speech Therapy at Florida State University. Storm is also a waitress at Southern Broadway and a manager at Enterprise McDonalds.  

Character Backstory - GIGI MACK:  Gigi is a good-hearted girl who had a rough upbringing.  Although she is naturally intelligent, she has always lacked confidence and felt “looked down on” because she was raised on the “wrong side of the tracks” in a poor neighborhood known as the Barrio, along with Cha-Cha and Roxi who have known each other since grade school.  When Gigi joined the Barrio Queens she finally felt like a part of something and she is loyal to her best friends and gang members.

Kylie Moore will portray Roxi Russo

Kylie is happy to be returning to the Southern Broadway stage. She has performed in The Depot and Hawkin’s Pass. She has also been involved in multiple productions with Enterprise High School and ESCC. Kylie is a chemical engineering student at Auburn University. She is happy to be home for the summer, and she is grateful for this opportunity to perform alongside her sister, Allison.

Character Backstory - ROXI RUSSO: Coming from a “larger-than-life” Italian family, Roxi has two older brothers that are gang-members of the C-Notes.  Raised as a good Catholic girl, she acts a lot more “worldly-wise” than she really is.  Her brothers are very protective of her and this alone has kept most would-be suitors at bay.     

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