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"Mississippi Slim & the Deadwood Saloon"

Scotty Johnson will portray Mississippi Slim

Scotty Johnson has been in numerous theatrical/musical productions around the community for several years and is particularly proud of his roles in several Southern Broadway productions.  He has appeared in The Depot as Ben Byrd (local banker), Professor Ballyhoo and His Traveling Miracle Medicine Show as Mississippi Slim, Hawkins Pass as Sheriff Lucas Lutz, Marooned on Madagascar as that salty sea dog, Jack Shivers, Mr Raymond Goodman (Father) Coming Home and recently as Edgar Paul Cronin in Juror #7.  Scotty is a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer 5.  He thanks GOD every day for being able to perform in front of all the AWESOME people that come to see "live" Theater.

Character Backstory - Mississippi Slim, once a doctor of chemistry, fell on hard times that included an unfortunate “misunderstanding” with the law, forcing him to head out west.  Slim quickly put his chemical knowledge to use and began mixing potions to sell to the good folks of the west, travelling from town to town peddling his “magical” elixirs in what was known as a “Traveling Wild West Medicine Show”.     When his original business partner, Cornelius Ballyhoo, met his demise by Slim’s hand, and the other one parted ways, Slim quickly finds someone else to step in and help him sell his concoctions. 

Misti Garner will portray Pearl Hart

Misti Garner is making her Southern Broadway debut.  She began acting in The University of Hawaii’s production of “The Prime of Miss Jean Brody”. She was hooked and went on to be in many school productions. Her two favorite roles were as Tess Hutchinson in “The Lottery” and Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn in “The Music Man.” As an adult, Misti has sung in church choirs, acted in church cantatas, been on a worship dance team and directed a youth drama group. She has joyfully been a special education teacher for more than twenty years. One of her proudest accomplishments was culling her student’s art and poetry about the Holocaust to curate a traveling art exhibit titled, “Children of the Holocaust: Children in Crisis Reflecting on Children in Crisis”.

Character Backstory - Rough around the edges but with a big heart, Pearl was born “Pearl Taylor” in the Canadian village of Lindsay, Ontario.  Pearl’s parents were both religious and affluent, providing her with the best available education.  At the age of 16, Pearl was enrolled in boarding school where she became enamored with a young man, named Dan Hart.  The two of them eloped and headed to the Chicago World’s Fair to attend Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  Enamored with the show and the idea of that kind of lifestyle, they headed out west travelling from one town to another doing odd jobs. They met up with a fellow named Joe “Boot” who talked them into helping him rob a stage coach which resulted in Dan Hart being shot and killed at the age of 24.  Heartbroken, and never re-marrying, Pearl has spent the past seven years drifting and barely making ends meet.  Always looking to make a dollar, she was more than willing to join up with Slim when he offered her the job of helping to hawk his “cure-alls”.

Rob Orlando will portray Sam Wesley

Robert A. Orlando II was last seen in “Hawkins Pass 2 - The Bunkhouse Blues” here at Southern Broadway. He appeared on stage in ESCC’s presentation of ‘South Pacific’; although he is more properly known for his work behind the scenes as the Technical Director, Set Designer, Lead Carpenter and Stage Hand for the ESCC productions of ‘Godspell’, ‘South Pacific’, The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Oklahoma!’. Rob began his relationship with Southern Broadway many years ago working on the set for ‘The Depot’. Originally from the South, he has lived in New York City, Boston,
Phoenix, Los Angeles, Mexico City and a number of places in between. He is currently raising two active teenagers and restoring a very old house. Incidentally, as a licensed architect, he designed the theater you are sitting in tonight.

Character Backstory - Sam is the saloon owner and bartender of the Deadwood Saloon.  Having a good head for business, but a wanderer’s heart, Sam began to tire of Philadelphia when he started hearing tales of the wild west and the opportunities for someone with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit.  He ended up in South Dakota when he found out he could get a piece of land in Deadwood for next to nothing.  Dumping his life savings into building the saloon, Sam is more than ready to try whatever it takes to bring in business and keep the saloon afloat.

Jeremy Thomas will portray Pedro Delmar 

Jeremy Thomas has appeared in several Southern Broadway productions, having first appeared in “Hawkins Pass”. He was also in “Somewhere in Italy”, “Marooned on Madagascar”, “Coming Home”, “Bunkhouse Blues”, “Cabin at Yellow Wood”, “Jury #7”, and “ The Christmas Gift”. He is an alumnus of Troy State University where he was a member of nearly every musical ensemble while in pursuit of a degree in music education. While at Troy, he was privileged to accompany great music artists such as The Temptations, Brian McNight, and Lee Greenwood. He was also a co-founder and member of Troy State's first ever, award--winning A Cappella group. He and his family often visit the Enterprise Nursing home to sing to the residents.

Character Backstory - Pedro left Mexico when he followed his beautiful but wild-hearted wife to Texas.  Falling for a gun-slinging outlaw named Emmet Dalton, she disappeared in the middle of the night taking all the cash Pedro had.  When Pedro heard she was riding with the Dalton gang, he went after her trying to talk her out of a life of crime.  He ended up meeting Sam Wesley when he rented a room in the Deadwood Saloon.  When Sam heard Pedro play the piano, he offered him a full-time job.  A year later, the newspapers ran a story that told of the Dalton gang trying to rob a bank in Coffeyville, Kansas.  Hit by a hail of bullets from vigilante townspeople, every member of the gang was killed (including a beautiful dark-haired woman) except for Emmett Dalton. He was wounded and sentenced to 20 years in the Kansas Penitentiary in Lansing.  Pedro has been content to stay at the saloon ever since.

Cassidy Gibbs will portray Josie Sage (Wild Sage)

Cassidy Gibbs has been in two Southern Broadway productions, “Juror #7” and “The Christmas Gift,” where she played the role of Jodi Pender and Emma Morgan, respectively. She hopes to one day see herself and entertain others on the big screen. Cassidy is a reporter with local newspapers, The Southeast Sun/Daleville Sun Courier, and teaches remedial English courses at Troy University. 

Character Backstory - Originally from Arkansas, Josie lost her parents to small pox at an early age. Running away from an abusive uncle at the age of 13, Josie headed west and ended up in San Antonio living in a brothel under the care of Madam Fannie Porter, who ran one of the most successful bordellos in the west. Widowed and motherly, Fannie gladly welcomed Josie into her fold, treating her like a daughter and teaching her how to shoot and protect herself.  A natural sharp shooter with a quick trigger-finger, Josie has flirted with both sides of the law.  Deeply saddened after Fannie’s death, and never one to follow convention, Josie took to participating in some questionable ventures with questionable characters.  But Fannie’s sensible teachings and influence finally tipped the scale, prompting Josie to try to stay on the right side of the law.  Drawn to the large rewards that bounty hunting offers, Josie has had much success in the past several years bringing in outlaws, wanted dead or alive.

Amry Thomas will portray Lolita Perez (Lola)

Amry Thomas is an Enterprise native and a Sophomore at ESCC where she is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Coming from a musical family, she has been singing and in choirs for several years. Amry played tuba throughout high school and toured with the elite Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps for two seasons. She is now lends her talent to the Community Band at ESCC. This will be her fifth appearance in Southern Broadway Company; performing in “Somewhere in Italy”, “An Evening at the CopaCabana”, “Coming Home”, and “Bunkhouse Blues” . She also appeared in several ESCC theatrical productions. Amry is part of the wait staff at Southern Broadway and has also helped in many other aspects of Southern Broadway productions.

Character Backstory - Migrating to the U.S. from Mexico with the motive of becoming a legitimate land-owner and business woman, Lolita (Lola) has high aspirations.  Raised by good-hearted peasants who spent their life laboring for others, Lola is determined to rise above her humble beginnings.  Hearing that a woman had more legal advantages in the frontier of the American West, Lola ventured to Deadwood when she heard that parcels of land were going for dirt cheap prices.  Trying to save every scrap of money she can, Lola is beginning to find the reality more daunting than the dream, and although her confidence is waning, she clings to the hope of being more than just a saloon girl. 

Leah Lancaster will portray Rose Starr

Leah Paige Lancaster is a recent graduate of Troy University and has loved music since the day she was born. First performing onstage at the tender age of three, Leah soon began singing regularly in churches, eventually going on to compete in national vocal competitions and winning 2009’s Enterprise Idol with her own rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” Her passion for theatre, in combination with her vocal talent, allowed her to play a number of ensemble roles in SEACT’s Les Misérables and won her the lead role of Elphaba in Troy University’s production of Wicked; her first show with Southern Broadway was Juror #7, where she played singing juror Lisa Renee Geriarti. Miss Lancaster currently works as a reporter for the Enterprise Ledger and is honored to be a part of this production.

Character Backstory - Rose learned to get by on her own early in life.   She was born in a covered wagon in 1852 when her parents were trying to cross the country as part of a wagon train.  Her mother died in Montana and her father died down the trail before they reached their destination.  She was raised by her oldest brother who taught her to ride, rope, and handle a gun, but who left her when she turned 11 so he could head out on his own.  Rose isn’t proud of some of the things she’s had to do to get by.  With a talent for singing, she lacks the confidence to become the virtuoso she wants to be and sing on the big stage in a large town in front of sold out crowds. 

Blake McAteer will portray Colt Bronson for all performances except March 2nd and 3rd

Blake McAteer is making his Southern Broadway debut, however he is no stranger to the stage.  Having spent the last four years working in film, he has appeared in the T.V. series Banshee (Season 3, Episode 8), the 2015 film “War Room”, and the film “Four Blood Moons”.  He has also worked in theater and feels his most exhilarating stage performance was that of “Waiting for Godo” as Lucky, where he learned to eat a carrot with his feet.  With a love for acting, Blake is excited to take the Southern Broadway stage with the cast of the Deadwood Saloon.  And also with a love for writing, he admits he still cries after a very good book.

Brannon Brown will portray Colt Bronson for the March 2nd and 3rd performances

Brannon Brown is making his Southern Broadway Theater debut.  He is attending Enterprise State Community College and is pursuing a degree in business.  Brannon serves as an officer for the Tau Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at ESCC ; he is currently pursuing his lifelong ambition of keeping his family, friends and total strangers laughing and entertained.

Character Backstory - Breezing into town, Colt secures a room at the Deadwood Saloon to wait out the rumor that Colonel Custer will soon lead an expedition into the Black Hills to look for gold.  Like many other opportunists of the day, the idea of getting rich quick off of gold beckons to Colt like a siren’s song.  Always trying to stay ahead of the game, Colt comes to town on the rumor that there will be an expedition.  He’s got a feeling in his gut that it’s going to pan out, but when Colt lays eyes on Josie Sage, he realizes for the first time that he might just be looking for more than his fortune.  He’s never met a woman like her and suddenly he’s grown tired of traveling alone.

Troy Kaszas will portray Augustus Banks (Gus)

Hailing from Fort Rucker, Alabama, 27 year old Troy Kaszas is no stranger to being on stage. Appearing in ESCC’s production of  Rodgers and Hammersteins’s “South Pacific” with a lead role as Lieutenant Joseph cable as well as lead roles in Southern Broadway productions of “Hawkins Pass”, “Somewhere in Italy”, “Marooned in Madagascar” and “Hawkins’ Pass: Bunkhouse Blues”. Troy is also working in the music industry as a singer/songwriter, with his first pop/ rock album “The Answer” already selling on all digital formats. Troy’s second album “Country Hearts” is a Southern Rock album set to be released soon. Lead musicians from bands that play with Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Union Station and Alison Krauss have lent their instrumental and vocal talents to Troy for this record. Troy plans to attend medical school in the fall of 2018.

Character Backstory - As a hard-working cowboy, the regulars at the Deadwood Saloon are surprised when Gus decided to stay in town when the cattle-driving season came around.  Living in the bunkhouse of the Big Bar Ten Ranch on the outskirts of town with a current skeleton crew of older bowlegged weather-worn cowpokes, Gus is the only young cowhand that didn’t take to the trail.   Truth be told, he’s desperately in love with Lola who he thinks of as his little “Spanish senorita”.  Because he knows that Lola has high aspirations, Gus also aspires to be more than a cowboy.  Although he has a knack for singing, Gus wishes for more.  He desperately wants to be smarter than he is so he can impress Lola with “book learning” and start a business venture with her. 

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